WiseLaw & Legally Yours: Cyber Vulnerabilities in the Practice of Law

Clarence, Workplaces for Lawyers
Level 11, 456 Lonsdale Street
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Melbourne FREE CPD: WiseLaw & Legally Yours on Cyber Vulnerabilities in the practice of Law - What does it mean for you, what is this anyway?

We welcome Karen Finch (CEO of Legally Yours), EJ Wise (Principal of Wise Law), Suzanne Murray (DevOps Security Senior Specialist) & Judith Bennett (Coach, mentor, strategist/doer, lawyer/lecturer, manager/researcher and board member).

When a new piece of legislation affects our area of legal practise we learn about it. When a new case changes an existing precedent we adapt. Why has the legal profession failed to keep pace with the digital era? The law, like all facets of business and society at large, has been enhanced, affected and damaged by technology. With very few exceptions, Australian legal practitioners operate on, in, and around the internet/electronics/computers.

The Courts have made allowances for testimony using technology, on how to admit electronic evidence, even whether an electronic signature is equivalent to a hand written signature and so forth.

So the law hasn’t failed to embrace technology. Why then, in 2018, was the legal profession as a whole in the top five of the worst sectors in Australia for breaches under the new Notifiable Data Breaches scheme? Come along and find out more including three quick tips to put you on the right side of your duty of care as a legal practitioner.

Join us at Clarence Chambers, Level 11, 456 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne and be involved in the discussion.

Light lunch provided. Spaces are limited.